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The trends of urbanization indicate that about half of India’s population is likely to be concentrated in urban areas over the next 30-35 years.  Such a rapid rate of increase in urban population will double the size of built up areas in the form of residential, commercial and community land uses in towns and cities.  Land is the basic ingredient of the urban growth.  Special planning process aiming at channelizing the built urban form and directing the growth of urban areas is important. Master Plan approach currently in vogue is an important instrument of special planning for urban development.  Master Plan mainly meant to cater to the needs of slow-growing urban areas, have been ineffective in addressing the problems of fast growing urban centers.  In most of such urban areas growth has outpaced the planning and development efforts.  It is generally considered a static concept for dynamic cities.

1. Shri S.K. Vij,Convener of the Committee
Past President, IBC 
Mb: 9910487474


Shri S.K. Vij has informed that his document will be in the form of a Handbook.  1st Draft shall be ready by August 2017.

Shri Vij has informed that his document will be in the form of a Handbook. 1 st Draft shall be ready by March, 2018.