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Indian Buildings Congress has established an Institute for Training of Building Professionals (ITBP) in the year 2011, for imparting training to all professional and builders through knowledge sharing by Expert in the field.   ITBP conducts about 10 to 15 courses on various subjects every year, charging a nominal fee as given below. 

ITBP, has already provided professional training in many areas  like Tile Master, Internal Cladding, External Cladding and Executive Development  Program for JEs /AEs / Site Engineers of Civil Engineering and Project Management to successfully train the  professionals to enhance their knowledge and upgrade the skills in order to become more productive and to help advancement in their field.

Two days Training Program - Rs.6000/- Plus Service Tax per participant 
One day Training Program - Rs.4500/- Plus Service Tax per participant 

For nominations please write at 
Contact No. 9810501033 / 011-26169531