(a)  Ordinary Member

Administrators, Engineers, Architects, Planners, Educators, Trainers, Financiers, Developers and Builders who are or have been connected with the planning, designing, management, financing, construction, maintenance and caretaking of buildings, and such other persons engaged in a responsible capacity in the sciences allied to building design, construction and maintenance, as may be elected ordinary members of the society by the Executive Committee to be subsequently ratified by the Governing Council, subject to the Rules and Regulations of IBC.

Note1. Nationals of SAARC countries who satisfy condition 3.1 shall also be eligible to become members. Nationals of other countries may also be considered for membership on conditions to be laid down by the Governing Council. 

Note2. The expression "Connected with" shall for the purpose of this Rule be deemed to include being or having been:-

i) Connected with the various disciplines of built environment and buildings

ii)Engaged (whether in public employment or in business or otherwise) in connection with various resources/ materials used in building or engaged in research and development about the same or otherwise connected with buildings to an extent, in the opinion of the council, sufficient to bring a person within the said expression.




An entrance fee & yearly subscription shall be payable by ordinary members on the following scale:

Entrance FeeRs. 500.00

Annual Subscription:

(a)Indian Nationals & Nationals of SAARC Countries: Rs.1000.00

Note : Service tax at prevailing rate is to be paid extra on total fee. 

A year shall for the purpose of Yearly subscription, be the first day of April until the last day of March following. Subscription shall be due on election and on the first day of April of every year following that date while a person continues to be a member of IBC. 


1. Any ordinary member who has not paid his subscription due within three years of the due date shall automatically cease to be a member. 

2. Ordinary Members who are in arrears beyond 1 year from due date will not be entitled to receive any IBC publications like IBC Journals, IBC Built Environment etc. 

3. The Governing Council shall have power to cancel the membership of any member of IBC, who shall be deemed to have been guilty of any conduct prejudicial to IBC or rendering him unfit to remain a member thereof; provided that at least two- third members of the Governing Council present in person shall be in favour of such action and; provided further that before any decision is taken, the member in question shall be afforded an opportunity to state his case in person or in writing. 

4. A member may resign from the membership of IBC by notice in writing to the Secretary to that effect provided he is not in arrears of his subscription for more than one month and that no such resignation shall be valid until the member resigning receives acceptance of his resignation in writing from the Secretary. 



1. A person who ceased to be a member as per above, can appeal to the Governing Council for readmission. The Governing Council may consider his appeal and readmit him. In such a case the person or the institution shall have to pay the full arrears before readmission. 

2. A person who ceased to be a member as per 5.2 above has no right to appeal or readmission. 

3. To enable ordinary members to revive their membership, who have ceased to be members as per above because of non-payment of annual subscription, such members who pay compounding fee (without any entrance fee) may be enrolled as Life Members, whereas the revival as ordinary members can be done with payment of annual subscription as well as the entrance fee.



The member will have a right to : 

1. Attend the Annual General Meetings and vote in case of any election in such meetings. 

2. Inspect the Secretary’s Report and Audited Accounts of IBC circulated for such meetings and raise any issue concerning these Reports & Accounts.


(b)  Life Member 

Ordinary members whose subscriptions are not in arrears may compound their future annual subscription by a single payment depending upon their age at the time of their application in accordance with the Table below:


Age as on date of application               Compounded Fees

for compounding



less than 50 years

Rs. 6,000.00


50-55 years

Rs. 5,000.00


55-60 years

Rs. 4,000.00


60-65 years

Rs. 3,000.00


bove 65 years

Rs. 2,000.00



Nationals of other countries

US $ 1,000.00



Organisations of other countries