To promote and encourage the science and practice of conceptualizing, planning, designing, constructing, caretaking and maintaining built environment, by adopting the latest standards, State of the Art practices, use of innovative and new materials. To review and make suggestions to the Government for improving the built environment, working conditions and general welfare of construction workers and to provide a channel for expression of collective opinion of members on the matters relating to built environment, achieving the following aims:

  • To promote interface between various disciplines related to built environment on one hand, the Construction Industry and the Government on the other.
  • To promote improved system of administration, planning, design, construction, operation, use and maintenance of built environment.
  • To promote conservation and up gradation of eco-environment.
  • To promote the use of appropriate technology and building materials to enhance quality, productivity and affordability.
  •  To disseminate the knowledge of built environment to others.
  • To promote safety, health, wages, working conditions and welfare of construction workers and supervisors.