Webinar on “Artificial intelligence in Construction Management”

On the occasion of the 100th  birth anniversary of Late Shri V.R.Vaish, Former, DG(W), CPWD, a renowned Engineer and an outstanding personality, Indian Buildings Congress organised Shri V.R.Vaish Memorial Lecture on 23rd September, 2020 at 5.00 pm on the topic of “ Artificial intelligence in Construction Management “. Shri Pradeep Mittal, President , IBC in his address welcomed Shri O.P.Goel, founder President, IBC; Dr. Prabhat Kumar; Sh. Anil Chadha; Dr. A.K.Mittal, Former, CMD, NBCC and former President IBC; Smt. Gayatri Vaish W/o Late Shri V.R.Vaish; Shri Himangshu Vaish Son of Late Shri V.R.Vaish and CMD of Insta Power, All other family members of Late Shri V.R.Vaish, Shri H.P.Gupta, Honorary Secretary, IBC; All viewers and audiences.

The President, briefed about the professional journey of late Shri V.R.Vaish and his contribution to the society and IBC. The President IBC further informed that Shri Vaish  was true Karamyogi. Truly in line with the path of Karamyog shown by late Shri V.R.Vaish , the IBC is engaged in the field of Built Environment through its diverse professional activities which include dissemination of knowledge through Technical Reports, Journals, Bi-monthly Magazines, Seminars, Webinars and Conferences.

Shri O.P.Goel, founder President, IBC and former DG(W), CPWD, while speaking on the occasion recalled memories of his association with late Shri V.R.Vaish. He informed that the Sh Vaish had a very sharp memory and was very much meticulous in his working. He used to examine all matters in great details and will also go into each calculation of the detailed estimate. His method of monitoring works, audit paras, pending bill, EI, SI, CTEs para etc. was outstanding and huge pendency in this direction was cleared during his time. In our functioning let us resolve to follow the ideals of late Shri V.R.Vaish.

Shri Anil Chadha in his speech mentioned about role of artificial intelligence (AI) in different stages of planning and managing execution of the Projects. Many softwares are available in construction management. Customised softwares depending upon the specific requirement of the project can be utilised. He mentioned that for maintaining Hindrance Register, Site Order Book, Drawing Register, Land details, Site Availability reports  etc softwares are available. Expert softwares for working out the estimate for individual houses and for plinth area rates are also available.

Dr. Prabhat Kumar while speaking on the topic gave a detailed presentation. In the process of rapid digitalisation, he explained the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in construction management. He explained about the self driving construction machinery used to perform repetitive tasks; Big data analysis in construction; AI in scheduling of various activities, evolving of thousands design, reduction in cost, better facility management. Through AI we can ensure better construction safety, can send alerts and warn in advance. AI database systems can inform engineers of the best construction methodology for a site, based on previous projects as well as pre-existing blueprints in the design stage. With this information, engineers can make important decisions based on evidence that may not have been available to them before. The Artificial Intelligence helps provide real-time guidance using connected wearable, monitoring the working environment and ensuring no workers are exposed to dangerous substances, tracking the worker’s physical well-being.

With the help of AI the construction Project managers can improve the waste management to improve the cost-efficiency of the process. Drones can be used to monitor safety and protect the employees. Through AI we can do better risk mitigation, can do precision application and can address labour shortage. 3D printing of houses is new technology in the direction to counter labour shortage and quality issues.

Dr. A.K.Mittal while paying his homage to late Shri Vaish, desired IBC to focus on R & D. He desired IBC to explore 3D printing in construction industry.

Shri Himangshu Vaish in his speech thanked the IBC for arranging the V.R.Vaish Memorial lecture

At the end of the lecture, Shri H.P.Gupta, Honorary Secretary, IBC proposed the Vote of thanks.