Webinar on “Importance of Quality Based Selection of Consultant for Quality Control & Supervision”

Indian Buildings Congress on 6th August, 2020 at 4.00pm Organized a webinar on “Importance of Quality Based Selection of Consultant for Quality Control & Supervision”. Shri Pradeep Mittal, President , IBC in his introductory speech welcomed Shri O.P.Goel Founder President, IBC; Shri V.S.Verma, Former, E-in-C, MP, PWD & Vice President, IBC; Shri Rakesh Singh Kushwaha, Architect & Planner M/s Kushwaha & Kushwaha;  Shri H.P.Gupta, Honorary Secretary, IBC; All viewers and audiences who joined the webinar. The President, briefed about the vision and role of IBC in promotion of Built environment. For achieving the best project results, He emphasized the necessity and importance of quality based selection of Consultant.

The President mentioned that the world is facing an ever-increasing demand for food, water, sanitation, shelter, health services, transportation, and energy. It is critical that the infrastructure and built-environment required to support these demands is planned, designed, delivered, operated, and maintained appropriately.

The President explained that in the modern day construction, modern techniques, highly educated practitioners using refined tools and techniques to deal with increasingly complex circumstances create a clear need for qualification-based selection of consulting teams. Selecting the right Consultant for a project will enhance the value of the project to investors, stakeholders and the community and will reduce the risks associated with it. Enhancing value will result in improved functional, economical, commercial and environmental performance as well as better acceptance by the communities experiencing the project.

Selecting a Consultant is one of the most important decisions an owner or client makes. Every project is unique and each has its own challenges. The success of any project depends upon obtaining the most appropriate expertise available in terms of skill, knowledge, past experience, managerial abilities and reputation. The best project results are achieved when a true professional relationship of absolute trust between the client and the Consultant can be built. This is because the Consultant must make sound, objective decisions and act in the best interest of the client as well as public. The method of selection should therefore seek to develop mutual confidence and trust.

The President stressed that the right consultant will achieve greater certainty of project outcome and deliver value to the client in terms of enhancements and risk reduction many times the value of any fees involved. Risk reduction will be better managed through all phases of the project, from planning to completion and into operations and deliver improved safety and environmental management, better cost control, effective contract management, more confidence in timing and a reduction in disputes.

Shri O.P.Goel, founder President, IBC and former DG(W), CPWD, in his address briefed about the journey of IBC since inception. He lauded the role of IBC in its contribution towards promotion of built environment which is sustainable, less costly, affordable, energy efficient. He also briefed about the importance of right consultant in achieving the successful completion of the project to meet the aspirations of stake holders.

In the webinar Shri V.S.Verma, Former, E-in-C, MP, PWD & Vice President, IBC; Shri Rakesh Singh Kushwaha, Architect & Planner M/s Kushwaha & Kushwaha made their presentation in a very effective manner.

Shri H.P.Gupta, Honorary Secretary, IBC presented the Vote of Thanks. He thanked the founder President for his blessings to the IBC team. He thanked the President, IBC for taking pains to organise the webinar. He thanked the panelists for their very informative and detailed presentation. He thanked  all the viewers of the webinar in sparing their time to view and making the webinar successful. He also thanked the IBC Secretariat staff in organising the webinar.