Webinar held on “Challenges for Building Repair Industry due to Covid-19”- By Mumbai Chapter of IBC

Webinar on “Challenges for Building Repair Industry due to Covid-19” was held by Mumbai Chapter of IBC on 31st May, 2020.  Ms. Anita Patel, Secretary, Mumbai Chapter of IBC welcomed Shri Pradeep Mittal, President, IBC; all speakers and viewers who had joined to view the Webinar. Shri Pradeep Mittal, President, in his address welcomed all the speakers, audience/ viewers to the webinar.   In his address, President, IBC spoke about importance of the webinar in the light of Covid-19.  He informed that earlier it was pandemic of Spanish  flue pandemic of 1918 that infected more than 500 million people worldwide and killed an estimated 40 million people. Like spanish flue, Covid-19 pandemic has also caused massive distress, dislocation, exodus of labour, lockdown/cessation of all activities.  He informed about the disruptions to the economy and difficulties faced by lower middle class and workers living in slums.  About repair of buildings he spoke about difficulties faced in repair work due to occupied condition of the building.  He also spoke about new SOP for construction industry to meet the challenges faced due to Covid-19.  He said that to maintain social distancing  and to follow new SOP, space in existing public buildings shall have to be redesigned.  There shall be huge demand of addition /alteration and repair work.

The first speaker on the topic was Shri Vinod Harisinghani, Sr. Vice President of IBC, Maharashtra Chapter. He spoke on the topic of water-proofing of the building source of leakage in the building i.e. from terrace, external walls, bathrooms, toilets etc.  He also informed about locations where water proofing is required during construction of building such as-Terrace slab; U.G. Water Tank; Parapet Walls; O.H. Tank; Plumbing Duct Area; Chajjas/Canopies; Lift pits; External dead walls; Expansion Joints; Toilets and Bathrooms and Basements.  He enumerated various causes/factors of leakages in the building.

Next speaker was Shri Suresh Sahu, M.D. Supreme Engicon. He spoke on the topic of Advanced Structural Repairs.  He informed about the causes for deterioration of RCC buildings such as-

  1. Poor structural design and specifications
  2. Poor quality of construction
  3. Poor maintenance of building
  4. Environmental problems and aging effects
  5. Indiscriminate addition & alteration
  6. Natural and manmade calamity.

He suggested that for restoration of stressed building retrofitting is the only solution. He displayed photographs of some of the distressed structure and the way it is retrofitted.  He spoke about Do’s and Dont’s while doing addition/ alteration work in the building.  It was a good information for a layman.

Third speaker was Shri Riyaz Sheikh, M.D. Struct Re Tech. he talked about safe and sound design of structure to avoid any future damage in the building considering all factors that causes damages to the building during its life time.  He spoke about importance of the quality and quantity of water that is used for construction work. He spoke about new materials introduced these days for repair work specially for water proofing work.  He also spoke about reducing the number of labour  involved for repair work by using new technology and material.

At the end of the Session, Shri Pradeep Mittal, President, IBC wanted to know from Shri Vinod Harisinghani  about any better alternative to brick –Koba that has been laid over IBC building in Delhi for water proofing of terrace. Shri Harisinghani suggested, if time permits brick-koba is better.

Ms. Anita Patel, Secretary, Mumbai Chapter concluded the seminar by  thanking  Shri Pradeep Mittal, President, IBC all speakers and viewers.