J.C. BOSE University of Science and Technology, YMCA, FARIDABAD Organized a webinar on “INNOVATIONS and PATENT ” on 2nd November 2020 at 4.30pm. Shri Pradeep Mittal, President , IBC was also invited to deliver lecture on the topic of innovations in Construction industry. Other speakers in the webinar were Shri Dinesh Kumar VC, YMCA , Faridabad, Shri M.L. Agarwal, Head of Civil Engineering Deptt., Dr Vinkel Arora, NIFTEM, Sonepat, Ms.Aparna Jain, consultant, from Knowledgentia Consultants  and Ms. Harinder Narvan,Registered Patent Attorney from Knowledgentia consultants.

The President, IBC  while welcoming all the speakers and the viewers of the Webinar  mentioned that he felt honoured and was hankful to the organizers for having given this opportunity to him to speak on the topic of innovations in building construction industry.

The President IBC informed that in today’s scenario most widely used man made material in the world is Cement and brick by processing the materials available in its natural form, however it has a wide adverse impact on the environment. Many of today’s most widely used building materials like bricks, wood, steel and glass are popular building materials and have become indispensable due to their versatility, low cost and practicality however have limitations, especially with regard to their impact on the environment. Further the conventional materials and technologies for construction takes longer time in completion of any project besides generation of huge construction waste material, fast depletion of natural resources,  pollution of environment and heavy economic cost.

The President IBC informed that according to a 2017 study, the worldwide production of cement alone  amounts to about 5 per cent of human-generated CO2 emissions every year. Brick production is also blamed for a range of ills – including soil degradation from the sourcing of raw materials besides huge consumption of energy and CO2 emission . Therefore the Engineers around the world are continuously innovating new building materials and technologies being discussed that could provide an alternative for speedy construction.

The President explained about innovations in many construction materials. He explained about Fly Ash Cement, Programmable cement for use in place of Conventional Cement;  hardened slag aggregate as a substitute of Conventional stone aggregate; 3D Printed Bio-Plastics construction in place of Conventional manual construction involving conventional brick & mortar; Hydroceramics for use in air conditioning; Bio MASON bricks as a substitute of conventional clay bricks; self healing concrete ;modular bamboo, solar cells among many other materials that are reducing the burden on conventional building materials and are contributing in controlling  the CO2 generation and emission of green house gases.

The President IBC also explained about few New innovations in Construction technologies like  Advanced softwares;   construction-focused hardware;  BIM/CAD; Cloud/ Mobile technology; Drones;  Augmented reality and virtual reality etc.

Concludingly the President IBC mentioned while it’s certain that many of today’s leading building materials and technologies  will continue being used for decades – if not centuries – to come, the development of alternatives and innovative materials and technologies is certainly promising.

All other speakers also gave very informative and useful speech.